Mártában is van létra - avagy spanyol önkéntesünk élményei a táncprojektről

A képen kilenc táncos látható, sötét hátérben. Ruhájuk a középkort idézi, lábuk mezítelen. Különös, pirosas, kékes fénnyel vannak megvilágítva. A hátsó sorban hatan táncolnak, kissé árnyékban. Köztük egy kerekesszékes is látható, felemelt kezekkel. Az előtérben három női táncos, közöttük középen kerekesszékes látható. A cikk szerzője - Márta - a kerekesszékes táncostól jobbra helyezkedik el, felé lépkedve, kezét finoman a felé nyújtja.

Lezárult a "Benned a Létra" 650 éves jubileumi év kapcsán folytatott kortárs, integrált tánc projektünk, melyben külföldi önkénteseink is részt vettek. 

Az év első felében Rici táncolt velünk, majd szeptemberben Márta csatlakozott hozzánk. Mindketten telejes lélekből táncoltak velünk és szerves részei voltak a társaságunknak.  Köszönjük jelenlétüket!!! 

Az alábbiakban Márta beszámolóját olvashatjátok. 

Vigyázat!!! Angol!!! 


I would like to share with you my experience in the Integrate Dancing Team during the last months. Let's go:

I knew about this team before coming to Pécs. I recieved pictures and videos from Hungary about the coreography and all the work. Before coming I also was on th Facebook 's group where I could follow all the news.
Since the beginning ti seemed a really special project to me, and also something absolutely new. Something different. The coreography is very abstract and creative, the music amazing and seems to be a story hidden behind it. Since the first second it gets to you, but only if you want to.
The uncertainy was inside me and i always asked to mysefl: how can they memorize all the dancing? how can be possible a good coordination between the dancers? what kind of messages are behind it?
Today, I take part in this awesome team.
I will always remember the first day. I went in the dancing school and everybody was sitting in the aisle, welcoming me very smiling: Szia Marta!
I have to admit that it was a it hard for me to adapt. It was the first time that I tried contact dance and I needed time to adapt myself. It was also a challenge to learn the coreogrphy, to remember each moment, each part, each place. Of course, the languague was a big barrier. The comunication was sometimes difficult and I am aware tht I lose many information, but actually you can discover that if people want to communicate each other they will do it. The will find a way. My mates and Zsuzsa did efforts to explain to me in english and I will be always gratefull for that.
it is very funny when they forget that I am not hungarian and they talk to me in hungarian. The best oart is that I undertand them because of the context, their expressions or because I can understand some words. It's funny but it's true that I missed more translation to english.
We had already two shows.
The most special for me was the second one. I can say that it was one of the most importants days to me here in Hungary.
One scene, lights and.. dance. When I listened the music, my heart was beating hard. But I became to be more calm in a few seconds. Once on the scene, you put your attention in your task and specially in your mates. Because the most important thing is to listen to the others, with your body and your mind. it's also very important to listen to yourself, to listen your own movement and feelings.
There was something that caught my attention. Something that I never seen before in Spain: we had a kind of feedbak with the audience at the end of the show. We sit down on the scene's floor and we shared our impressions. Everything was in hungarian (lol) and I lose information again. But I like to see the people and try to figure it out what they are talking about, to imagina what are they saying.
My heart was again very fast when Csaba shared a nice words about me and my work as a EVS volunteer in the Support Service. He had only great words and he shared it with the others. I felt warm in my face. And although he talked in hungarian I could understood him, I don`t know how.
The cocktail after the show, with good friends and good conversation, and the exhibition about our paintings, were also another unforgetable moments.
A story to remember!
Thank for reading me.
Let's shout together: BENNED A LÉTRA! 
Marta Fernandez Garcia de Alfonzó


You shall not pass!