The aim of the Support Service is to help university members with disabilities to develop and facilitate their independent living, primarily by helping them to access (public)-services outside their home, especially educational services, with the active participation of the persons concerned.


The Service contributes to the creation of an inclusive social and physical environment on campus through awareness-raising and information services. 


The service contributes to the reduction of disadvantages resulting from disability, social inclusion and equal opportunities, with particular emphasis on higher education and preparation for the labour market.


A significant part of our work is devoted to helping students with special educational needs to study, so a significant part of our activities is related to education and training. Our aim is also to enable students with disabilities to participate in an integrated and personal way in lectures, seminars and conferences at the University, thus giving students who have previously only studied at home the opportunity to build up social contacts. By being able to attend classes every day, healthy students can be exposed to the problems of their disabled peers and prejudice is reduced. Our services are also free of charge for students and teachers with disabilities. You can find out more about our activities under the Services section.


The University of Pécs has created the "Sensitive University Concept" in order to improve the integrated education and services for students and staff with disabilities. The document is available in the attached file.

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