Learning to Learn

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Treatment of learning disabilities, helping to develop and keep the level of learning outcomes focusing on the students having learning disabilities.



One of the most common symptoms is mixing up letters. The slow reading ability is also common with the problems of understanding the text. It also goes along with bad spelling. The appearance of writing is ugly; sometimes it can be unreadable. Other specific symptoms are bad orientation in time and space, big and fine motor movements are clumsy. 

Some development approaches: 

  • using bookmarks and highlighting tools (colorful papers, markers) and IT tools during reading
  • slow and systematic reading.
  • concentration on finding the central message of the curriculum. 
  • using recorder and dictaphone. 



Difficulty of understanding the concept of numbers, interpretation of quantity, problem of the symbolic thinking. It is important to develop sensor-perception abilities, memory, thinking and speech. 

Helping in orientation of the own body, in space, place and time. 



The symptoms appear in writing and spelling weakness. The writing is messy, unable to follow the line and it can wave. Holding the pen can be convulsive. Similar letters can be mixed, the same letter can vary in forms. It can be hard to understand, memorise and apply grammar rules. 

You shall not pass!