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Sound therapy for skill development

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AIT/ Auditory Integration Training


AIT’s goal:

Strengthen the skills, increase attention retention, and reduce learning difficulties of university students who participate in the program.


AIT is recommended for those :


Who has attention deficit or learning difficulties ( dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia)


Who has autistic problem


Who has a speech perception disorder


People for who have difficulties in following verbal instruction


For those who have difficulty expressing themselves


Whose speach is difficult to understand


For pepole who learn hard


AIT’s positive effects:


Learning difficulties decrease


Improved communication


Decreased dispersion


Increases the  time for focused attention


Improved social skills


Increased hearing perception


Location for AIT:

University of Pécs ifjúság street 6) or it can be your home


Training should be done twice a day for half an hour for 10 days.

Contact person:

Tompos Lilla (tompos.lilla@pte.hu)


Experiences of our students who took part in this training:


I just got into therapy at a time when I had to learn quite a bit, and I felt the listening did a good service in that regard because after I did one, I was always a little more alert afterwards and I was able to focus my attention on the educational material for longer time. In addition, I noticed even slight positive changes in my social skills due to the therapy, which I feel has long-term effect. I enjoyed the 10 days therapy, and I especially liked to listen to music, for some reason they always caught my attention and after that I felt a little calmer. Overall, I fell it understood, and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to try the auditory attention training. (Sociology student with ADHD)

There were a lot of familiar songs among the music I listened to during the training. The positive effects of the training for me I have noticed so far is that I have become more systematic and able to focus on things better. I can keep my attention further. At the beginning of the hearing attention training, there were minor sleep disturbances that resolved after 3-4 days.  I did not have a high expectation, at first, I did not really believe in it, but I thought I could not lose anything with it and I was positively disappointed. (Programming-informatics student with dysgraphia and dyslexia)

I was very excited at first and I waited to start. The first time was very strange, I never had such a strange experience while I was listening to music. But you can get used to it very soon. After few days it was a bit like the music was playing normally. It was not disturbing at all. I already felt a positive effect on the third day. I was able to concentrate much better even in a louder environment. I was able to focus much more on specific things. (Biology, dyslexic student)

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