Csaba Magdali
Office Manager/Disability Coordinator for Faculties
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Qualifications: general social worker, community education specialist, community developer, sociologist.

I have been working at the PTE Support Service since June 1st 2013, initially I was responsible for preparing students for the labour market and helping them to find a job.  You can read more about this under the "careers" tab. Since summer 2015, I have been leading the office and since then I have also been acting as the University Disability Coordinator.

Previously, I gained work and management experience in public education, administration, youth work and training.

I am married and I enjoy raising my children Csaba, Piroska and Áron.

I am originally from Baja and often say so, e.g. in the context of "cooking chowder".

Ágnes Kertész
Learning Methods Adviser/Personal Support Worker
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I was born in 1979 in Pécs. In 2001 I studied Child and Youth Protection, and in 2005 I graduated from the Apáczai Csere János János Teacher Training College of the University of West Hungary as a Social Pedagogue. I have worked a lot with disabled and sick people and with disadvantaged children and young people.

Since September 2016, I have been working at the Support Service as a personal assistant and using learning methodology to support students to achieve better learning outcomes.

In my spare time I like to read, watch TV and volunteer when I have the opportunity.

András Olessák
Administrator/Personal Support Worker
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I was born in Budapest in 1973 and for nearly 35 years I could call myself "pesti (from Pest) ".

I have always been a humanist, so I have always tried to enrich my mind and enrich my experience. After my school-leaving exams, I trained as a typesetter in the yyomda industry, and I also tried my hand at journalism. Thanks to a friend, I went to Glencraig Camphill Community in Northern Ireland, where I worked with adults with autism, hyperactivity disorder and Down's syndrome, among others. It was here that I was first introduced to the work of Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher (his name is a hallmark of the birth of Waldorf education).

It is not surprising that I completed the full-time teacher training at the Waldorf Teacher Training College in Solymar. I can consider myself lucky to have had people like Dr. Tamás Vekerdy as my teachers. With my recent diploma, I taught as a class teacher in Glencraig and then I worked as a Waldorf teacher in my home country.

As a result of a long search I ended up in Pécs, where I currently live with my family. I no longer teach. Since March 2023, I have been working at the Support Service of PTE, for which I am grateful, because it has made me a member of a genuinely welcoming, open and motivating community.

Brigitta Fekete-Montag
Administrator/Personal Support Worker
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My qualifications: social assistant, social care worker and organiser. 
Since the beginning I have worked as a personal assistant at the Support Service. 
My job is to help students with disabilities who are attending university in their daily lives and to facilitate their university life. 
In practice, I help with studies, escorting, shopping, library loans, real help with writing scholarship applications .... 
(Temporarily absent.)
Gyöngyi Molnár
Programme organiser
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I have been working at the PTE OIG Support Service since 1 February 2011.

I have a disability, so I like to interact, talk and think with people with similar needs.

In 2006 I graduated from the Bálint György Journalism Academy, in 2003 from the Comenius Vocational School and Technical School in Office Management. In 2002 I graduated from the PTE FEEK in Cultural and (Adult) Education Management.

Mainly I am in contact with the following organisations (e.g.: Baranya County Association of Disabled People, Baranya County Association of Blind and Visually Impaired, Baranya County Association of Deaf and Hard of Hearing, CSR Group), but I also keep in touch with other interest groups, represent the interests of the Service, "deliver" information. I also monitor tenders to facilitate your studies. I take part in sensitisation trainings organised by the Round the World Foundation in companies to convince people that we, as equal opportunities beneficiaries, can live a full life in all aspects of life.

László Mester
My contact details:

+36 30 437 29 64

I have been working as a driver at PTE since 2012. I now work for the University Support Service, transporting and escorting students and staff with disabilities and visual impairments. 


(Temporarily absent.)


Lilla Bakonyi-Tompos
Therapy Assistant/Personal Support Worker
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I started my studies in 2011 at the Faculty of Education, PTE-BTK.

I have always loved working with children, so after college I started working in a Hungarian-English family day care centre, but my interests expanded and I started working with different target groups (children, adults). This is why I decided to study special education (specialisation in learning disabilities) at the Faculty of Apáczai Csere János János Széchenyi István University, in parallel with my work.

After finishing university, I was looking for an opportunity where I could combine my knowledge and my goals. The result of my search was the PTE Support Service, where I have been working since 1 August 2018. My role is to support people with disabilities who are attending university. In my work, I assist students with their studies (managing academic affairs, putting together study aids, orientation on campus, accompaniment). In addition, as a special needs teacher, I strive to help students develop their abilities into skills that will ensure their independence during their university years and later on in the job market.

In my free time, I like to go hiking, explore new places and dance. I have been taking contemporary dance classes for several years now, during which I was able to participate in the creative activities of an integrated dance group, which was a fantastic experience for me.

Nikolett Zoboki-Gergely
Mental Health Counsellor/Personal Support Worker
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I started my studies in 2000 at the Faculty of Social Work, PTE-BTK. In my last year, the Support Service was established at the university, where they were looking for new graduates in social work. I have been working here since the beginning.

If we read in a textbook about what a social worker is, I would have to say: knowledge of the functioning of society, tools of social policy, understanding of the legal, psychological and health-related aspects of social work, learning to apply social work theories and methods, initially at school and then in practice, and an overview of the areas of practice.

In principle, this is what my work involves, but in practice it is quite different.

In my work, I help to make life easier for disabled students and teachers at the university.

What does this mean in everyday life?

From managing academic affairs, photocopying, printing, scanning, shopping with the student, accompanying to class, library research, mental conversation, and every day can bring a new task that "student life" requires...

Zsolt Vörös-Bene
My contact details:

+36 30 298 87 95

You shall not pass!