Gergely Nikolett

Mental Health Advisor / Personal helper


I started my studies in the faculty of social work (PTE-BTK) in the year 2000.

In my last year, the Support Service was newly founded in the university and they searched for graduated social workers. I work here since the beginning.

If we read in specialist book who is the social worker then I should say the one who knows how the society works, the tools of social policy and has knowledge of the legal, psychological and medical aspects of social work. They learn how to apply the theories and the methods of Social work for first in higher education than later on in the real life. Moreover, they gain insight about the practise.

Theoretically, this is what my job is about but in practice, it is quite different.

In my job, we support people who live with disability, students and professors/members of the university, in their daily life.

What does it mean, in their daily life?

It can be handling study affaires, copying, and printing, scanning, and accompanying the students in shopping, and to lectures, helping in library research, consulting at mental problems…


and every day can bring a new task which is created by the nature of „students life” … 




Magdali Csaba

Head of service, disability coordinator of the University


Education: General social worker, cultural expert, community developer and sociologist.

I have worked in PTE Support Service since July 2013 where I help the students becoming ready for the labour market. For further information, please read the "career" tab.

I lead the Service since 2015 and I also play the role of the disability coordinator where I contribute in the decision making process in special study cases of disabled students. 

I have gained experience within comunity youth work from previous jobs.

I am married and we are happily raising 3 children – Piroska, Aron and Csaba.

I am originally from Baja, which I often mention, especially when the topic is fishsoup.




Gyöngyi Molnár

Program manager

I am Molnár Gyöngyi. I have been working in the University of Pécs' Support Service since the 1st February 2011. I am disabled, so I like to deal, talk (and think) with people who are as well. In 2006 I graduated from the George Valentines academy of journalism, from Comenius Valentine in 2003 and the Technical School office manager faculty in 2002. Furthermore I have graduated from University of Pécs’ FEEK as culture (Adult education) manager.

I keep contact with NGOs in local, regional, and national level and represent the Support Service. I also follow the upcoming grants to inform the students and the Service about the possibilities. I take part in sensitising projects organised by partner NGOs and I also organise them mainly in the University to inform and convince partners that we - people living with disabilities - also live a fullfilled life in every aspect of the life. 


Montag Brigitta

Personal helper 

I was born in Pécs in 1984, where I finished my grade and highschool. I finished my studies at Pécs social- and healthschool in 2005, where i graduated as socialworker and organizer.

During my exam period there was an opportunity to join the newly founded Support Service at the university as they were searching for graduates. I signed up and I was chosen in August, and started to work as personal assistent. 

Mine and my colleagues task is to assist the disabled students in their everyday life. Primarily it consists of supporting their studies, organizing various programs etc... Secondly my task is to register students with special needs.

I always try to perform accurately, precisely and at its best within my knowledge.

In my free time I like to read, hike and to cook for friends. 


Belán Dávid


I was born in 05.08.1985 in Mohács where I also studied until I went to university.
I graduated as general geographist in the University of Pécs in 2011.
I study social work MSC from 2014.
I've worked as a driver in the Support Service since may of 2010. 


You shall not pass!